Juan Monteagudo (Albacete, 1991) is the chef at Ababol. After inaugurating his restaurant in Albacete in January 2022, he was awarded his first Michelin star in November, ten months after opening. That same year he was nominated as a candidate for the Cocinero Revelación award at Madrid Fusión. In January 2023, at the same congress, he was the winner of the Best Ham Croquette in Spain Competition.

Juan Monteagudo spent his childhood among the farms of La Manchuela and fell in love with cooking thanks to his maternal grandmother, who taught him the richness of La Mancha cuisine and the love of the vegetable garden. In 2011 he began studying cooking at the Artxanda School of Hotel and Catering (Bilbao), where he also studied a speciality in creative and international cuisine. While he was training, he did internships in great Basque temples, such as Mina (one Michelin star), Azurmendi (three Michelin stars), Zarate Jatetxea (one Michelin star) or Aizian.

After completing his training, he moved to Madrid and worked in places such as Álbora, Adunia, Santerra and Lobito de Mar. In January 2022 he took the big step and opened his own restaurant. Ababol, a local word for poppies, which is already an essential address in the emerging cuisine of La Mancha.